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Prescription Medications For Anxiety

Medical Marijuana Strains And Prescription Medications For Depression

Depression is not just feeling blue occasionally. It affects daily feelings, thoughts, and actions over a longer period. (MDD), can result in difficulties with family life, work, and social activities.

According to, symptoms may vary depending on how severe a person’s depression is but may include

  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Agitation or restlessness
  • Avoidance or refusal to participate in activities that were previously enjoyed
  • Withdrawal socially, from family, friends, and relationships
  • Changes in sleeping or eating habits
  • Unexplained physical problems, such as back pain or headaches
  • Engaging in risky or destructive behaviors
  • Self-harm or attempts at suicide

Drugs Used to Treat Depression

See more drugs used to treat depression

Top Marijuana Strains Used To Treat Depression

List of best cannabis strains for depression

What Is A Sativa Strain Of Medical Marijuana

Sativa strains of medicinal marijuana are usually uplifting and stimulating. If you’ve ever smoked or ingested cannabis that makes everything funny and puts you in a great mood, it was probably from a Sativa strain.

It creates a feeling of comfort, non-drowsy, and usually introspective highs. The effects of smoking or ingesting a Sativa makes them particularly popular among artists and creatives.

The most popular medicinal benefits range from treating mental and behavioral problems, to treating depression, stress and ADHD also known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

What Is An Indica Strain Of Medical Marijuana

Indica strains of medical marijuana will have a relaxing feel on the body. The physical effects of an Indica strain commonly include a drowsy and mellow mood with stress and pain relief.

Indica marijuana strains are one of the more suggested strains when using it for medicinal purposes as it effectively treats sleeping disorders such as insomnia, fibromyalgia, body aches and pains.

Indica marijuana strains are also commonly used for treating Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Fibromyalgia and Lupus

Sativa Medical Marijuana Prescriptions For Anxiety And Depression & Stress

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See more sativa marijuana strains for depression

Indica Medical Marijuana Strains For Pain Relief & Sleeping Disorders

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See More indica marijuana strains for pain relief & depression

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